Filipino workers

Recruit in the Philippines:
An investment!

Filipino workers are skilled, motivated and respectful employees. Most of them speak English, which helps with integration, and are open to settling in regional areas or small cities. Their ability to quickly adapt to their new environment is also a considerable asset. Upon request, French classes will also be offered to Filipino workers to help them integrate into Québec society.

Filipino workers - Groupe TLS

The advantages of international recruitment

International recruitment provides companies with many benefits. It allows you to:

  • Recruit quality employees
  • Increase your production capacity
  • Open new work shifts
  • Reduce your fixed costs by offsetting equipment costs on multiple shifts
  • Meet your long-term labour needs
  • Stay competitive with the competition

Filipino workers increase the reliability of your operations and bring many years of experience in the industry.

What kind of worker are you looking for?

Specialized welder
Lift mechanic
Press operator
Programming engineer

See the complete list of eligible trades