Recruitment process

With TLS, you have help with your international recruitment process, from start to finish.

Our approach

  • Collaborate with your human resources department to evaluate your needs
  • Identify candidates who can meet these needs and develop the right testing protocols
  • Select qualified future employees, according to your criteria, from an impressive pool of candidates and organize on-site recruitment
  • Manage the documentation needed to bring these workers to Canada
  • Help your company integrate these workers

Help in 3 steps


Step 1Identify your needs and obtain the different government authorizations

The first phase involves coordinating the recruitment process in Canada and helping Canadian companies obtain the various government authorizations (federal, provincial and foreign) needed to recruit foreign workers from the Philippines.


Step 2Recruit the workers abroad and obtain the necessary authorizations

The second phase consists of validating the technical requirements, preparing corresponding job descriptions, prequalifying Filipino workers and coordinating Skype or on-site interviews during the final selections.

This step also includes a legal component. Foreign workers must be recruited in accordance with the needs of Canadian companies and their work experience must be verified. In addition, the necessary authorizations must be obtained from the foreign governments, visas and work permits to work legally in Canada must be obtained, and finally, the Filipino workers must be brought to Canada.


Step 3Integrate the workers into their new environment

Once the candidates have been recruited, they must be integrated into your operations. The support you provide your workers to help them integrate into Canadian society and their new workplace is important to the success of the hiring process. Please note that TLS Group’s services are available at all times when you need advice or help related to integrating your workers.

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  • Do I have to go to the Philippines?

    You can go to the Philippines to evaluate and select a group of workers who meet your business’s needs or conduct the final interviews by videoconference. Travelling to the Philippines, for a one-week trip, allows you to select the candidates that best meet your needs. The trips are organized once two or more companies have obtained the required authorizations and the worker screening is complete.

  • What does the prequalification phase involve?

    TLS Group prequalifies candidates through a rigorous selection process that includes references, aptitude tests and lengthy interviews. The process involves having the recruited workers pass field tests to verify their expertise to make sure they have a minimum of five to ten years of experience before they are selected by the employer. This ensures a selection of leading candidates that speak English and want to learn French.

  • How long does the recruitment process take?

    Following the final selection of candidates, there will be an administrative delay of three to four months before the Filipino workers arrive in Canada.

  • How many workers can we recruit at the same time?

    We recommend that a minimum of two Filipino workers be retained to ensure their proper integration in Canada. On the other hand, no more than 10% of your employees may be foreign workers.

  • How long is the employment contract for Filipino workers?

    The workers commit to a minimum period of 36 months. This period can be extended according to the company’s needs. Workers who wish to do so, will be able to apply for permanent residency in Canada after the end of their first year of work. TLS Group offers a support program to help with the various administrative processes.